Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
SundeRDP Zero Client

SAVE 75% on computer costs*SAVE 85% on maintenance costs*SAFE 95% on energy costs & CO2 waste*

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SUNDE H4S Zero Client

Zero Management

Once deployed, all maintenances are only done on the server end.

Lower Requirements

Lower requirements on the server; enable a standard PC to be shared by more users.

Great Productivity

Improve office productivity by never needing to copy data from one desktop to another.

High Availability Login

Each user can be assured a login within seconds, even in the event of a host failure, without complex server.

We Offer You Eco Solution

SAVE 75% on computer costs* SAVE 85% on maintenance costs* SAFE 95% on energy costs & CO2 waste*

SUNDE H4 effectively allows multiple end users with simultaneous access to a single operating system of a host computer by running SUNDE NetPoint software through RDP protocol.

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Why Do You Need It?

Lower Cost, Zero Managment and Simple to Use

Users share untapped resources of the host and applications on one single OS, dramatically lowering the costs of hardware purchase and software licensing.

There are no applications, drivers to manage at the endpoint. All OS patching, updates and maintenances are only done on the host.

Simply plug-and-play; a new workstation can be set up within a minute with keyboard, mouse and monitor connected.

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